Bound by the streets again  
I'm looking for oxygen  
Ten blocks from my temporary home
Brownstones and stoned girls  
All the money in the world  
Trapped on this island all alone  
New York, you're too much for me to hold  

Manhattan's like a magazine  
I flip through the different scenes  
And all the trends I can't afford  
Brooklyn can calm me down  
The crowds aren't quite as loud  
But I’m still a stranger, maybe even more  
New York, I'm knocking at the door 

On sleepless nights, I dream of it
The Chelsea lights, the J train bends  
The waters of Hudson lapping on the shore  
Music in the streets of Williamsburg
The heavens scraped by money churches
Millions of stories, all moving forward  
New York, you’re the one I’m falling for  

Southbound on the train again  
City skyline starts to thin
Will this town ever be my home?  
New York, you're not for me to own