Mikaela Hamilton- Sheldon Burns EP-12.jpg

David Lukens and Joe Leavy

This is David (pictured on the left) and Joe (right). These guys have been playing with me on stage and in the studio for a couple years now. Joe was the brain behind the musical composition and production of "April Eyes" and David composed the piano part on "Still a Stranger."  They are both incredible musicians and transformed the sound of "Live at Burns Station Sound."

Jeremy Deardorff

Jeremy and I have been friends since high school and have been working together musically for a couple years now. In addition to engineering "Live at Burns Station Sound", Jeremy was also behind the board on my last record, "Word & Sound". Not only is Jeremy an awesome engineer, He's also a talented musician and composer. You can check out Jeremy's studio below:

Mikaela Hamilton

Mikaela is the talented videographer behind Live at Burns Station Sound. Mikaela has been my go to photographer for a couple years now and I was so excited she was able to do this project. She shot every video live and did an amazing job! You can check out Mikaela’s work below.